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Enjoy the outside

from early spring to late autumn with glazen schuifwand

De glazen schuifwand

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The glazen schuifwand, let's you enjoy the beautiful weather.

Sit outside in a relaxed atmosphere. The glazen schuifwand of Tobre Tuinmeubelen offers the ideal solution. Tobre tuinmeubelen specializes in the design and installation of glass sliding walls. Different options for the use of a sliding glass wall are among the possibilities. You can think of a terrace corering glass, a veranda with sliding glass wall or just a garden room.

Thanks to the expert advice and craftsmanship of Glazen-schuifwand.nl we enjoy until late in the summer of our new garden room.
- Henk van Bruggen / Eindhoven

Relax with the glazen schuifwand.

For many people, the garden is an important place to relax. Let it be quiet after a hard day of work. Just a pity that the weather is not always good and you can only enjoy the garden in good weather. What many people do not  know, however, is how simple and cheap it is to be able to enjoy the garden with glass sliding wall all year round. To enjoy the setting sun.

With a glass sliding wall, no light is lost and my colleagues and I have a separate workspace at our disposal.
- Twan van de Berg / Oss

With the excellent quality of the sliding glass walls you are protected against the different weather conditions all year round and still enjoy the garden. Tobre Tuinmeubelen offers the solution; glazen schuifwand.

Options glazen schuifwand

Glass sliding walls that turn your porch into an extrnsion of the garden. This allows you to enjoy outside early spring until late in the autumn. The sliding glass walls are strong, reliable and durable. This way you have the option of closing your roof or veranda in a wind and watertight manner. Thanks to the smooth rail system, you can easily slide open the sliding glass wall in good wather, so that you can enjoy it even longer and with a little less weather you simply close it again. The sliding glass walls of Tobre Tuinmeubelen & nbsp; therefore provide maximum protection against all typers of wather conditions.
Under the menu products you can find both types of sliding glass walls and read more about them. Also in the photo album you can view photos of the two different typers of sliding glass walls.

Easy to install, as good as maintenance free and easy to keep clean.
- Connie Gerretsen / 's-Hertogenbosch